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Foraging and the Cosmos

Being the Bluebird and finding material………unwanted and unneeded (while purging!) while the threads are there and material around and always there and wanting to make something when Clare called and I’m working all these jobs (7 employers I counted) and a bluebird once foraged a nest after Easter with Easter basket stuffing so I used stuff to carry some stuff I “might” need, which is the rub………an endless idea…..maybe useful the USE distinguishing design from vanity (like Ben Frank) the selfless instinct resourceful and contributing purpose…..whatever that is


I based it on a template a bag I made for the PIFA show when it was raining and I had to bring all these nests and eggs and was wearing a Prada suit I made Spatz for. This Forager ending up holding 50 lbs of groceries……plastic sheeting and packing tape……

So That’s a material and now there’s denim….and I like the tie the meeting halfway and you gotta do it like the Dr. Phil exercise and make it your-own-Self, which doesn’t exist!

Plus the seam ripper got replaced by a better ripper

whiImagech I was using to make pipes for Lincoln but I’m focusing now on the bags

just one thing like Lorenzo’s

course they burned down

but still

the simplicity and doing one thing

there’s something to be said about that

and Philly’s the best city in the world

ImageI took a break and brooded


in my brain…..

until I couldn’t think on it anymore

and had to just start doing

Imageand make mistakes

like this big ass strap


and I made measuring tape (which i didn’t need)

to see what I was doing with the pastic forager

then I was thinking on a knot

when Rich came over

which was nice


before he knocked on my door

at like 1 in the morning

giving interesting input

I was like

‘I gotta go to bed and get up for one of my jobs so I can SURVIVE and do this later before Jonathan Adler uses my cropped fb logo and calls it “happiness” for the Nook cover behind the counter


or the tour I was gonna do with Kickstarter I didn’t get for ll

before I knew about the movie but now that I know it’d be a good time to……


……ride the rails

…..and Un ll Rail

focused like a



getting a script refilled tomorrow

with the patient assistance

and patience that goes along with

trial and error

and “unchartering” territory

and “tapping-in”







“Field Guide: Ch3 (The Forager)”

(Foraged material)